Aviram Dehari, Mayor of Kiryat Gat
“We need to combine the ideal of Love Your Neighbour with very practical tools. That’s why we chose Common Denominator. They are reducing drugs and violence and increasing idealism.”

Heli Tabibi, Director of Hillel House, Hebrew University
“You are the best conflict resolution and unity building program we ever had.”

Sari Revivo, Principal of Ein Kerem High School
"Last year 100 desks vandalized and many walls graffitied. This year less than 5 desks vandalized and 0 walls graffitied."

Farhan-ur Rehman – Social Media Consultant
The universal values of love, care, respect, listening and taking responsibility, as cultivated by Common Denominator, comprise the foundation for what it takes to make peace in the Middle East.

Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook
"The results of meetings are decreased hatred and increased love."

Rabbi Noach Orlewek
"A top priority for Israel's survival."

Hanna Mishali, Director of Middle School, Denmark High School
"The entire school system is benefiting."

Zahava Frankel, School Director, Hadasssah Comprehensive
"Both teacher and student workshops evoked serious thought, introspection and a desire to make changes for the better."

Yitzchak Shavit
"We the UJA (now the UJC) applaud your efforts and the great strides you are making to make peace amongst Israeli Jews across the spectrum."

Rabbi Berel Wein
"Common Denominator is a very serious organization working to strengthen mutual understanding and values throughout Israel."

Yehudit Amar, Director of Social Education, Chavat Ha'noar
"Common Denominator workshops stand out in their interactive and compelling presentation."



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